Review of “Never Surrender Your Soul”

Never Surrender Your Soul

I am very delighted to have read “Never Surrender Your Soul” by Brian Michael Good. It is a self-help/spiritual book with a touch of memoir. The author’s voice and the topics he covers are soothing and uplifting to read.

The book discusses God, religious texts, reincarnation, health, family, work, and life struggles, and deciphers the truth about these subjects. I really like how it emphasizes that you are responsible for your life and in control of your destiny.

It was refreshing to learn about the author’s spiritual viewpoint, which is very compassionate, accepting, and enlightening. The act of reading the book makes you feel serene, hopeful, and motivated to make changes in your life.

Essentially, the book opens your eyes to the truth about important life matters and yourself, provides encouragement to take action on your life, and supports you through the author’s own experiences with the areas he discusses.

The author has clearly done his research on religion, spirituality, parenting, and mental health, because there are references and quotes throughout the book to support his viewpoints, all of which is quite eye-opening!

I recommend this book to anyone who is curious about spirituality, wants to know the truth about religious concepts, and desires to improve the quality of their life. This book is also for those who struggle with mental health issues, for it provides advice on how to get well.

Overall, a well-rounded self-improvement/inspirational book that anyone can benefit from. Highly recommended!

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Review of “Brain Fog and Stress”

Brain Fog and Stress

Brain Fog and Stress: Better Brain Health by Managing Stress Now is a book written by an expert on stress’ impact on the brain and how to deal with stress to improve brain health. The author discusses all aspects of stress and how it affects the brain. The author tells us that not all stress is bad; some is a necessary part of life. But most people stress over things that aren’t life-threatening, which negatively affects the brain and the person’s happiness.

Stress not only affects the brain, it also affects other aspects of health as well. The author discusses this and it’s quite eye-opening how much stress affects us. The author talks substantially about brain fog, which involves a lot of different symptoms that a good majority of the population has. But not to worry, because the author tells you different practical ways that you can manage stress to live a more peaceful life.

Lastly, the author provides a 5-week plan for getting to the bottom of your stress and turning your life around. There is also a final chapter that provides 20 stress help tips. This book has substantial information in it that many will find helpful. There are also references and resources with links, and further reading suggestions.

I recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn more about stress and how it affects you, and how to tackle stress and change your life for the better. You will learn a lot from this book. You can get your own copy here. I’m sure you will find it beneficial.