Book Review of “We the Consumers”

We the Consumers book“We the Consumers: What Happened to ‘We the People’?,” by Stephanie Dickert, is such an interesting book about the past and present economy in regards to personal finance. The author talks on a broad scale about the government and country in regards to the economy, as well as on a personal level about the average person’s finances and how they are typically managed.

The bulk of the book is about money and budgeting, and the purpose seems to be to help the average person – middle or lower class – budget, save, and spend their money wisely. The author shows you how you can save a million dollars in your lifetime, all while donating to good causes! Therefore, the book is also about using your money in good and beneficial ways, which also includes saving for the future.

You will not regret buying this book. It is concise, helpful, and innovative. Also, being a book on finances, it is not dry at all! The author’s voice is so lighthearted, optimistic, and easy to understand that the reading is enjoyable. Get this book today if you want to change your financial future!

You can get a copy of Ms. Dickert’s book at Amazon in paperback and ebook. Happy reading!

Stephanie Dickert