Free Paperback Copy of “Adolescent Angst”

If you like reading print books, I have exciting news for you. I am giving away 5 free paperback copies of Adolescent Angst! That’s right – entirely free. I will even ship them to you for free. So it’s an entirely free book 🙂 If you’d like a chance to win one of these 5 free copies, just enter this Goodreads giveaway. The giveaway is only until January 6th, so make sure you enter as soon as possible. Good luck!

Do You Like Free?

If you like free stuff, I have exciting news for you. I am currently offering my newest book, Adolescent Angst, for free. You can download it here. Just click “buy” and then enter this coupon code (ZR93P) for 100% off the book! You will then have immediate access to downloading the book in a multitude of different formats. My gift to you for being such great readers!

I would greatly appreciate, if you like the book, a short review posted at any of these websites:

Barnes & Noble
iBookstore (click “View in iTunes,” then search for the book title)

Of course, you are not required to write a review to download the book for free 🙂

The coupon code is only good until December 28th, so hurry while it’s still available for free! You can download it here. Treat yourself to enjoying a great read – a Christmas gift to yourself 🙂 Enjoy!

The Month of July

Recap time! July was an excellent month for me, especially with working on my manuscripts. I edited a whole book (Freelance Writing Guide), wrote 15,800 words in Chronicles of a Troubled Girl, and wrote 2,700 words in Freedom from Fat. On top of that, I published 22 blog posts (between my two blogs), was interviewed by a book cover designer, edited two of my colleague’s articles, published five book reviews, participated in a Goodreads Giveaway and mailed out two copies of My Not-So-Ordinary Life to two winners, read four books, and contributed to a writer’s blog post. I also got my very own, really nice office chair after working hard as a writer for over 14 months. I still felt – and feel – privileged to have this chair.

August is going to be really busy, I can already tell, because I plan to do the final edit of Freelance Writing Guide and publish it, which also means that I’ll be sending out copies to my blog tour participants. Organizing a blog tour is like communicating with 20+ colleagues through email – it’s quite fun and keeps me busy! I will also be reading and reviewing three books, and posting to my blogs to keep you all updated :), as well as my other daily duties.

I hope you will all have a good month and stick around to see what’s happening next!

Goodreads Independent Book Blogger Award

I’m a little late with getting this post out. April 10th through April 23rd at midnight (EST), readers can vote on Goodreads for their favorite blogs. I submitted this blog to be considered for the publishing industry blog award. There are only 3 days left of the contest. Please vote for me! Here is the link: Thanks!


A Recap of February 2012

As I close my February work folder, it is nice to look back on what I accomplished. Overall, it was a productive month for me. I sent out postcards to friends and family about the second editions of my books that recently came out. I published a total of eight blog posts, which were all a pleasure to write. I published two book reviews, which also means that I read two books, too. I was interviewed for the first time as an author on a fellow writer’s blog. I met with the manager of a cafe, set up several copies of each of my books at his cafe, and made business arrangements to sell my books there. I made Essays for the Soul FREE for five days on Amazon and there were 78 downloads! I joined Goodreads and made some connections. AND….I wrote 6,700 words in Freelance Writing Guide and 10,000 words in Chronicles of a Troubled Girl! Thank you all for your support.