What is E-Marketing? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Marketing

E-marketing is a branch of marketing in general and includes marketing across all electronic devices, whether visible or audio, such as television, radio, CDs, SMS messages and Internet sites and advertising campaigns that use computers or mobile phones (mobile phones) and All the devices that have appeared or can appear in the future and use the Internet as a means of communication are within the framework of e-marketing

If we conclude that online e-marketing is a branch of e-marketing in general but what is common among many people is that e-marketing is just internet marketing and 7 Figure Cycle Review course is not true and there is no doubt that online e-marketing these days has become a tool Very powerful marketing tools have outperformed their marketing ability on other e-marketing tools and even on traditional marketing tools and methods as well..

Advantages of Internet Marketing

1. The price is licensed when compared to other electronic marketing methods or when compared to traditional marketing

2. The possibility of focusing on the target segment of customers and this is a serious thing for the younger generations unlike other marketing methods.

3. The ability to obtain detailed reports and your understanding of the seriousness of this particular point Yes detailed reports about marketing campaigns and thus analysis to reach the weak points and strengths.

Internet Marketing Problems

There are two obvious problems for Internet marketing …

The first – and certainly a solution – is the lack of trust between the client and the marketer, because the client does not see the marketer or the service provider is a ghost, but perhaps separated from this marketer languages ​​and continents and therefore the stage of building bridges of trust between the client and the employer or marketer Is a stage that takes some time and takes great effort until the problem is solved.

The second – and started to fade – is the struggle with the old marketing of the old school owners in the business who think that the right marketing is done only by television, radio or brochures or other types of internet marketing by hand or traditional marketing of the second hand.

Online e-marketing itself is a waste of time and if it happens, the owners of that old or traditional thought created a website to display their products or services They believe that once they launch their websites, many visitors will automatically come to them. the focus and care about the formal aspects (design) of the sites.

Without focusing on the content – and even if they put good content they put it in a way that makes their target customers not reach them and do not even feel their presence online …

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

The main reason for this opinion is what I tried to explore in this question …

(Search engines are very popular sites that are used to search like Google, Yahoo and similar ones). This is known as Latin SEO and is a shortcut to the three words Search Engins Optimization if we consider that they put good content For their online catalog (from the beginning) …

I like to refer to this subject and to 7 Figure Cycle Review method because this method of e-marketing specifically online is the most dangerous types of electronic marketing methods using the Internet at all! …

Due to its similarity of free and strong competition at the same time we now come to the other issue …

The difference between e-marketing and network marketing

As many also confuse them and think they are two sides of a single coin and say about e-marketing as a monument like network marketing …

What is the difference between the two?

The marketing of electronic and explained in the previous lines, it uses multiple means like the traditional marketing to advertise the product or service Network marketing is that a company marketing their products through their customers instead of the customer buys the company’s product and ends the story when we find him happening friends and His relatives about this company and this product and then any friend or relative buys the product from this company takes the client commission of marketing and then if it happened and that the relative or friend also work for the company and marketing them through relatives and friends, the first customer also takes A commission for each of these b At the organization in order to organize a tree or a network, and this is the intended marketing network.

And here stands out a point very worthy of attention is usually not mentioned in this type of marketing and is Gharar from the point of view of legitimacy should be attention to this point so as not to eat people’s money wrongly, but should review this point in detail and detail of those who want to be acquitted of religion in the world and the Hereafter and The alert is tougher for those who want to work in this type of marketing, which I do not market and do not promote and do not want to spread …

Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing

 The traditional marketing is the marketing of a product or service to a company or an institution by sending its representative to the client or through television ads, newspapers, radio, publications and other means, all of which are expensive, either electronic marketing through the Internet is marketing to a service or a specific company or through the Internet to reach Online Clients Although e-marketing is derived from traditional marketing, the advantages of e-marketing over the Internet outweigh traditional marketing in more than one thing
The difference between e-marketing and traditional marketing

the cost

Traditional marketing: high cost

(It requires the use of media such as (television – radio – newspapers and magazines – publications … etc

E – marketing: less expensive

Because it is through the Internet using free or paid ads and the price is very low of many traditional means


Traditional marketing: Difficult to communicate with customers

E-marketing: Easy communication with customers using e-mail and other means of internet communication

Demand for the product

Traditional marketing: The product can not be ordered directly because it is through customer service and others

E-marketing: The product or service can be ordered directly by sending an application through the company’s website
Customer continuity

Traditional Marketing: Not keeping customers

E-Marketing: Making Customers Durable

See customers and opinions

Traditional marketing: Difficult to follow customer response relatively

E-marketing: Easy to follow the reaction of customers through the website, also know their views on products through other sites, especially social sites such as Facebook
Time Marketing Campaign

Traditional Marketing: Adhering to the timing of the campaign at a certain time must first be the headquarters of the company to receive customers and then start the campaign

E-marketing: The ease of work at any time even if there is no headquarters for the company because it can also buy and sell through the Internet

Traditional Marketing: It is not possible to follow orders directly

E-Marketing: Easy to follow orders directly and receive orders quickly
Number of clients

Traditional Marketing: The number of customers is relatively small because marketing is local only and on a small scale

E-marketing: The number of customers is large because e-marketing opens new markets for your products globally, not only at the state level

View products for preview

Traditional Marketing: The difficulty of previewing all the company’s products for the need for a large place to display

E-Marketing: The ease of previewing all products and services of the company by presenting them on the website


Traditional marketing: bitcoin code elon musk results appear in a long time and gain new customers slowly

E-marketing: the emergence of results in a short time and win new customers in a fast time

This comparison between e-marketing and traditional marketing illustrates the importance of e-marketing to companies, sites and product owners. As technology advances, e-marketing plays an important role in the business economy. Today’s trade is dependent on the new technology. The Internet opens up a window for you to move from local to global trade. Your products invade all of the world And continue with technology for webmasters, be confident that web design occupies the top rank in terms of the importance of e-marketing

The benefits of successful e-marketing

In the era of technology and the existence of the Internet, all companies must be able to compete and be able to penetrate large markets to rely mainly on the strategy of electronic marketing in the marketing of their business. It is also worth mentioning that the price of service to any e-marketing company accessible to everyone and allows them to work A personal marketing approach to the company and a flexible and cost effective nature and electronic marketing makes it especially suitable for small companies. This has made a large number of small companies appear strongly in the market, compete with large international companies and acquire a large percentage N customers and the profits of the global market

These are the most important tips for choosing an e-marketing company to suit your business

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