Adolescent Angst


Adolescent Angst (2014)

A collection of twenty-two free-verse poems, written by myself as an angst-filled adolescent. Poetry was my “therapy” at the time. Learn what my thoughts and emotions were like as a troubled teenager. Connect with me as a teen or as a parent with a distraught teen. You will learn and gain a lot from this book!



Articles for the Mind


Articles for the Mind (2013)

A compilation of 58 articles on a variety of interesting topics that provide expert advice and objective knowledge to educate you and help you to improve your life. Topics include: beauty, health, careers, education, family, pets, financial planning, frugal living, money, food, holidays, home, psychology, self-help, values, and writing.




Freelance Writing Guide


Freelance Writing Guide (2012)

A resourceful career guide that helps those who are interested in starting a freelance writing career. It informs you what you can expect during your first year as a freelance writer. The information is presented honestly and directly, covering everything I experienced in my first year as a freelance writer in an informational and insightful manner.




My Not-So-Ordinary Life


My Not-So-Ordinary Life (2009)

An autobiography that tells my life story up to age 28. The book reminisces about my innocent times in childhood, reveals the difficult experiences I faced in adolescence, and shows how I persevered and changed my life as an adult. The message of the book is: life will have its ups and downs but, ultimately, you will be okay, and maybe even good, in the end.



Essays for the Soul


Essays for the Soul (2008)

A collection of thirteen essays about writing, student life, healthy eating, careers, personal finance, education, and more. The essays are creatively written, and based on thoughtful opinion and life experience. Some of the essays are introspective, while others are informational. Everyone can gain knowledge from these essays.




Poetry for the Heart


Poetry for the Heart (2007)

A collection of twenty-two free-verse poems that reflect emotions and share experience about writing, creativity, careers, childhood, home, dreams, animals, and more. The poems are honest and uplifting, and written with a modern style that is simplistic.




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