Review of “Guarding the Healer”

I first became interested in this book, because I like the idea of a person having the power to heal; it’s mystical and magical to think about. But I wasn’t prepared for the excellent, well-written adventure, of both dark and light forces, that I experienced when reading Guarding the Healer by Gabriel Beyers.

The book carried me along a journey with the characters as they experienced love, pain, grief, sadness, and joy. The story is in constant motion as Silas runs from his loss of a loved one and a haunting demon. The demon will not let Silas go far and is determined to make him agree to his terms, or else Silas will lose more loved ones. Hence, Silas, and his new acquaintance, Tommy, are on the run, stopping only momentarily to rest and help people.

I was in shock when I finished reading the book, from my pure satisfaction during the entire reading experience and the unimaginable ending. In addition, this is a pristinely written and edited book full of detail and excitement. I could hardly put it down. I was blown away by the quality of the story, and the talent of the author for writing such a good story.

Guarding the Healer touched my heart and soul. It enveloped me into the arms of intrigue and adventure that is the storyline. I recommend this book to readers of dark fantasy and paranormal. I assure you, it will take you on the ride of your life and you will not be disappointed!

Pick up this book today. It is available in kindle edition and paperback. Read on!

Review of “Chasing Superwoman”

Chasing Superwoman by Susan M. DiMickele is a fun, lighthearted book about the author’s life as a working – and religious – mom. Even though it is an easy-going read, she does uncover deep issues in an honest manner.

The book begins with an introduction and a first chapter that introduce the author to her readers, and covers what it means for her to try to be superwoman. Following are chapters on working as a lawyer, life as a mother, daily duties, involvement with school, participation in church, shopping experiences, family role models, and food. Then she discusses more deeper issues, such as: lack of relaxation, contentment, and time, as well as her role as a good mother, and what chasing superwoman is like.

I recommend this book to moms, working women, and readers who wish for a cheerful and realistic read that will make them laugh and think. DiMickele does a wonderful job at capturing her readers’ attentions by moving at a quick pace and providing lots of action. You will be happy you took the time to read this book.

You can get your own copy here. I hope you enjoy the book!

Review of “The Vampire Club”

The Vampire Club by Scott Nicholson and J.R. Rain is a funny, suspenseful, entertaining read. If you like vampires, you will love this book. The authors capture the interest of their readers, reel them in, and don’t let them go until the readers are completely satisfied. If you enjoy how humor can lighten a serious subject, you will enjoy this book.

The story begins with Andy – a Vampire Studies major at Western Virginia University. It is the only vampire-type major in the country. There are four students and one professor, and they’re all members of The Vampire Club. The ultimate purpose of the club is to prove the existence of vampires.

Andy finds an old newspaper article that sounds eerily like a vampire sighting and killing. Since the club knows that vampires can’t be killed, but only put into a coma with a silver bullet, they decide to track down this comatose vampire and bring him back to life. They just need to find a place to stay near the burial grounds, which are in a different state.

The Vampire Club gets a new member who volunteers to let them all stay with his cousins who live near the burial site. After they arrive, nothing goes as planned. There is a conspiracy, a romantic conflict, and a risky adventure all wrapped into one, as the club attempts to carry out its plans.

This book will not disappoint. The story gets better and better the further you read. The characters are lively, and passionate about vampires and each other. I recommend this book to readers of suspense and paranormal who also enjoy a bit of humor.

You can get your copy here. Enjoy!

“Freedom From Fat”

Since I’m very close to finishing Freelance Writing Guide, I thought about the next manuscript I will start working on. I decided that my next book will be on eating right and exercising. Then I remembered an old manuscript from 2010 about my weight loss journey while following a low-carb diet and exercising. I decided to bring it back to life, so last night I updated it. Freedom from Fat is the working title. It is a compilation of journal entries, and blog posts from my health blog, that are tied to my weight loss journey. Last night, I added many more journal entries, plus most of the blog posts from my health blog, which brought the word count from 7,000 to 24,000. I now have a sizable manuscript to work with, which feels great! I’m just so happy I saved that document, even when I fell off the wagon with my weight loss program. I still continued to blog about health at least once a month. The time frame of the entries is from 5/2010-present. I will be done with the first draft when I have lost all the weight I want to lose. So in about one year, I will likely be done. That’s not too long of a time to wait!

Review of “Smashwords Book Marketing Guide”

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker is helpful for authors interested in learning more ways to market their ebooks. The book was written by the owner of Smashwords for Smashwords authors, but most of the tips can be used by any ebook author. The book is designed for authors of all levels of experience and knowledge about book marketing.

The beginning of the book provides knowledge about being a Smashwords author. The topics it covers include: a background on Smashwords, and how Smashwords helps authors and publishers market books. Other information in this section includes: adopting a proactive marketing mindset, building social networks, using hyperlinks, and helping other authors.

Next, which is the majority of the book, is a descriptive list of 30 marketing tips. The tips go from easy and common to challenging and uncommon. For example, the list starts with tips on updating your email signature and posting a notice on your website or blog, and leads to tips on networking and being active in online communities, to writing press releases, as well as uncommon ideas, such as joining HARO (Help-A-Reporter-Online) and using Google Alerts to find where people are talking about topics online that are related to your book. Plus, there are many more.

I recommend Smashwords Book Marketing Guide to Smashwords authors and authors who are in need of some new marketing ideas. I’m sure you will discover at least a few ideas you hadn’t heard of before.

This is a free ebook on Amazon and can be downloaded here. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot, like I did. Until next time, happy reading!

Review of “How to Write a Great Query Letter”

How to Write a Great Query Letter by Noah Lukeman is an excellent reference guide for writing an effective query letter. Lukeman is a long-time literary agent, so he knows what agents want to see in a query letter. He is very detailed about how to properly construct a query letter and he covers all the bases.

In the book, Lukeman talks about the importance of preparation by thoroughly researching agents. He discusses the best and worst query letter formatting techniques. Then he breaks apart the query letter, paragraph by paragraph, and explains key features to include and mistakes to avoid – for both fiction and nonfiction. Lastly, he goes over final issues, including common mistakes writers make with their query letters. The end of the book includes a checklist for writers for when they craft their query letters.

Even though I’m a self-published author, I can see how this book is a great resource for new writers interested in seeking an agent or publisher. It is evident, that by following the suggestions in the book, the writer will develop a highly effective query letter that is clear, concise, and direct, as well as full of the important traits that agents are looking for and free of nonessential information. I highly recommend this book to writers to read before they query any agents or publishers.

This is a free kindle book and can be found here. I hope you will find it useful too.

Review of “So You Want to Write a Novel”

So You Want to Write a Novel by J.P. Kurzitza is a book written for novelists who are struggling with writing their novel. This book provides an explanation, and the structure needed, for writing a great novel.

The book explains how to come up with a great story idea and create compelling character descriptions. It then provides two completely different story templates with descriptions for each section. It lies everything about writing a novel out on the table in detail so that a writer can create a great book.

Next, Kurzitza discusses the writing process in regards to the importance of proper planning. He also explains ways to break down the complexity of writing a novel into smaller, more easily manageable, parts.

I recommend So You Want to Write a Novel to new novelists, writers who are looking for a different way to structure their novel, and writers who are stumped in the novel writing process.

You can get your copy here. Happy reading!

Review of “Empower Your Writing”

Empower Your Writing: A Manifesto by Farnoosh Brock is an enjoyable nonfiction book for writers looking to learn how to write well. Brock writes exquisitely and optimistically, noticeably enjoying sharing her knowledge about writing with readers.

Brock believes in correct and effective communication, that clear writing will make people more successful, and that readers deserve the best. Therefore, she suggests to her readers to revise half a dozen times to make their writing the best that it can be.

Brock dedicates one chapter to explaining the importance of great writing. She then discusses ways for writers to understand their writing, techniques to improve their writing, and habits to sharpen their writing skills. In another chapter she goes over popular grammar errors to avoid.

Brock then gives tips to her readers to help them enhance their writing and editing skills. She speaks to her readers about finding their writing voices and even gives them a way to do so. This book is an explanation and demonstration of quality writing and it uses a unique angle and information not found in other writing books. The author’s voice and expertise truly shine through the pages of this book.

I recommend Empower Your Writing to new writers who are interested in gaining helpful knowledge about how to write well and creatively. Most people will enjoy reading this book.

Get your own copy here. Enjoy!

Review of “Words to Write By”

Words to Write By by Elaine Orr is a helpful and eloquently written manual for writers of nonfiction. She is an experienced writer and editor. In the book, it is clear that she definitely knows her stuff.

The book tells the reader that if they can talk, they can write, and that good writing is learned. Orr suggests to writers who are just starting out that they should write about what they know, because knowing the subject makes the writing process easier, and to not be afraid of writing badly, because the more a writer practices the craft, the better their writing skills will become.

Orr is a clear and concise writer. Her book is well-written and well-edited. She speaks directly and honestly to the reader in order to help them improve their writing skills. She is a good teacher. She explains the different types of nonfiction writing, some of which are not normally explained in other writing books. She discusses the importance of a writer’s audience, in order for the writer to communicate appropriately for whomever will be reading their work.

Next, she explains the different steps to writing a nonfiction piece – from ideas to editing – and gives helpful examples. She talks about the importance of clear writing and explains what it is and how to do it. She goes over common grammar errors and respectful language. Lastly, she speaks about ways to learn more about writing and improve writing skills, and lists books and websites that help with doing so.

I recommend Words to Write By to beginning nonfiction writers who want a concise review of the important parts of the craft of writing and how to complete a nonfiction piece.

You can get your own copy here. Enjoy!

Review of “So, You Want to Write a Book”

So, You Want to Write a Book by Othniel Seiden is a refreshing read with a positive outlook on writing and publishing a book.

The book starts with a few chapters about how and why it’s not that difficult to traditionally publish, the author’s qualifications, and “who should read this book.” There are a few chapters on book ideas, which tell the reader how to come up with a book idea and how to determine if it’s marketable. The author goes over querying, speaking with editors, and press releases. He also discusses time management, writer’s block, and the writing process – from 1st draft to publication.

Next, Seiden reviews the different methods of publishing. He personally prefers traditional publishing and what he calls “partner publishing,” which is what ebook and print-on-demand publishing is like today. He also goes over vanity publishing and self-publishing from the stance of using a printing press. He also discusses agents, contracts, marketing, promotion, and the media.

So, You Want to Write a Book is a fun, quick read. The author has a unique perspective on writing and publishing – some insightful ideas I hadn’t considered. The text is broken up with quotes, references, and bold subtitles, and the chapters are refreshingly short. There is a lot of helpful information in this book.

I recommend So, You Want to Write a Book to all writers who are nervous to begin writing their first book because they don’t know what to expect. This book will ease their fears and give them helpful advice and ideas. It’s also a book for writers at any stage, like myself, who has self-published three books but still found the book enlightening and informational.

So go grab your copy. It’s available in Kindle edition and paperback. This is the link.